GAS Before CLUTCH – Learning to Drive a Petrol Car

If you learned to drive in diesel car and got a petrol car as your first car, you may find that you struggle to drive without stalling the car when you move off from stationary. This seems to be common practice for many learner drivers who have recently passed and bought their first car. This can be particularly dangerous on busier roads where pulling out is subject to keeping up with the flow of moving traffic. The reason this happens is because many driving instructors don’t teach to set gas first and then find the bite point. This results in a lack of power and unless clutch control is really good will result in the car stalling due to the connection between clutch plates breaking apart. Diesels are different in that they naturally have more lower end torque (power), meaning they can handle moving off better than a petrol can without the use of gas.
Both fuel types should be using gas to clarify and the reason this problem occurs so much is due to driving instructors favouring diesel cars for their better returns on mpg.

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