IT HAPPENED! Elon Musk FINALLY Reveals New $5000 Tesla Car!

Tesla sells as many cars as it can make, which is why it is topping charts everywhere.
However, Elon Musk, the CEO, wants to sell even more! This is why he is pushing hard
for the 25,000 dollar Tesla car. However, a far cheaper Tesla EV is on the way!
Join us to examine how Elon Musk’s 5,000 dollar electric car is happening!
There has never been a better time to be Tesla. When your company leads in a
revolution in the global transport industry, you can’t help being happy!
Undoubtedly, Tesla deserves all the accolades, prestige, and money it is earning, being
the company that literally bet its existence on electric vehicle acceptance! Inspired by
the daring nature of its CEO, Tesla put everything on the line to ramp up the production
of its first mass-market model, the Model 3. The car would go on to clinch the position of
best-selling electric vehicle in the world.
Due to its more affordable price, decent features, and performance, the Model 3
continues to pull in impressive numbers. It has convinced lots of people to switch to
electric and continues to be responsible for the latest stellar performances by the
One of its many honors is being the first electric vehicle to top the European market
model ranking, beating out competitors from established brands, even with internal
combustion engine vehicles accounted for!
Due to the strong performance of the Model 3 and the Model Y, Tesla now leads the
BEV market with almost a quarter of all sales, followed by powerhouses like the
Volkswagen Group, Stellantis, and Hyundai-Kia.
Don’t forget that the Model 3 single-handedly landed Tesla in the trillion dollar
companies club when news got out that Hertz had ordered 100,000 units of the electric
sedan! While doubts and counterclaims from Musk seem to have dampened the
success story, the Model 3 will retain an important spot in not only the history of Tesla
but the history of the electric vehicle altogether!
With the impact the Model 3 has had on Tesla, the company knows the importance of
an affordable electric vehicle in its lineup! However, Musk has always recognized the
importance of cheap electric cars in the evolution of the transport industry and human
history in general. This is why they feature prominently in his electric vehicle master
Musk’s master plan is among the simplest and clearest, which explains why Tesla has
been able to stick to it all along! The plan is to create a low volume car, which would
necessarily be expensive, use the money to develop a medium volume car at a lower
price, then use the money from the medium volume car to make an affordable high
volume car!
The Roaster set things in motion for Tesla, with its high cost planting it in the luxury
range. It managed to create a good impression about Tesla’s capabilities, showing a
production electric vehicle that could last more than 200 miles on a single charge,
accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 4 seconds, attain 125 miles per hour, and even
achieve high efficiency rating! Even though the Roadster made some money for Tesla,
it didn’t sell up to 2,500 units, but it lived up to its expectations.
Next came the Model S, which enjoyed critical acclaim for its design and performance. It
even lasted longer than the Roadster per charge and offered storage space at the back
by putting the battery underneath the floor. The move also improved the handling due to
the low center of gravity. This model was more mass market than the Roadster as it
cost less, and it represented the next step in Musk’s master plan.
The crossover Model X would follow with its gull wing door, but it was the Model 3 that
kicked off the last phase of the master plan. For the first time, working class citizens
could dream of owning an electric car that they could afford and would not be crappy or
Musk, however, has realized humanity needs an even cheaper electric vehicle before
mass adoption of electric cars would really start! Musk arrived at a threshold price for
this car candidate, but before we go into that, there is another reason Musk wants to
make a cheap car.
Musk realizes lots of folks are priced out of owning Tesla cars, given their current
prices. However, it has never been his plan to make cars for the elite in the society, as
electric vehicles should be for all. Musk’s goal is to combat environmental pollution
through zero-emission cars, so the more people can drive EVs, the better, as far as he
is concerned.
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