Why you will buy 12 GB or higher RAM Mobile Phone?


RAM is called digital storage shortly. The full form of RAM is Random Access Memory. Mobile phones use RAM mostly to hold data that run applications — along with the CPU and operating system’s kernel. No programs or files would work without RAM. RAM is basically super fast and temporary data storage space which computers/ Mobiles require to access instant and for next moment operation.

Higher the RAM, higher the speed of mobile or computer. Many applications can run at once and smoothly without slowing or hanging computers / smartphones with higher RAM specification.

But how much RAM do you need and for what purpose the phone will be used? Some recommendations have been given here, which apply to any mobile or computer operating systems.

4 GB RAM: browsing the web, personal photo editing, working with basic office applications  

8 GB RAM: Many tasks or light games.

12 GB RAM: For smooth running of games and multi tasks

16 GB RAM:  video editing, Serious gaming, programming.

Here are some lists of 12GB RAM mobile phones

[Samsung / OnePlus / Oppo / Vivo / ]

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