How to block website on PC & Android Chrome browser

Want to block a website on your Chrome browser Desktop?

Please take a look step by step—-

A. You have to search for the “Block Site” a chrome extension, and add it to your browser.

 To block a website users can visit through Google Chrome is to download a browser extension. However ‘Block Site,’ available at chrome web store. 

Block Site extension or a similar tool you choose, and select “Add to Chrome” in the top-right hand corner of your  desktop screen.

B. Now click ‘Add extension’ in the pop-up box.

Whenever you click ‘Add to Chrome,’ you’ll see a window appear that tell about the extension’s features. If you’re satisfied, click ‘Add extension’ in this window to officially install the extension on your browser.

C. On top right hand corner of your computer screen extension icon will appear

You will now see a new icon appear across the top of your Chrome browser — an orange colored shield with a circle and a diagonal line through the middle. This icon confirms the extension has been installed successfully. 

D. Now visit a website you want to block.

Simply go to a website, click that orange colored shield icon on top right, and click ‘Block this site.’

Each of your blocked websites will have a “minus” red colored icon to the right – click that minus button, your site will be unblocked therefore. 

Want to block website on Chrome in your Android Mobile?

During surfing the web via google chrome on your Android mobile, you perhaps think about  to block certain websites which basically consume your precious time. In this case an app you have to download.

A. Open the Google Play Store and search for app that block website.

Google play store itself a an app. This is a marketplace where you can download apps, both free and paid, in your mobile phone. Open Google Play and search for app. ‘Blocksite’ app, ‘BlockerX’, ‘Adblocker browser’ these are apps you have to download. 

B. Download and install app.

Once you have these apps, open it when the icon appears on your phone.

C. “Enable” the app in your phone’s settings to allow the app to block websites.

Open the blocksite app on your mobile and tap “Go to settings”. This app will take you to your phone’s app settings. You’ll need to enable the app for it to assume control of your browser and block the websites you don’t want to see.

Find this app in your settings list and tap on it. You’ll either be prompted to ‘Enable’ the app or ‘Use service.’ Tapping either one will activate the app for you. Like Google chrome ‘Adblocker browser’ is also a web browser, you can surf any website here but advertisement window or any popup window will be automatically blocked. ‘BlockerX’ basically block all porn site. 

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